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Break Free From Controlling Energy Retailers
& Say “Goodbye” To Soaring Electricity Bills

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, the cost of your electricity bill is only getting higher each quarter, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Now’s the time to ‘break free’ from the big energy retailers and take back control, helping you save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Just like the thousands of other Tasmanian’s we’ve helped over our 39 years in the electrical industry, we can also help you reduce your power bills and allow you to spend money on the other things that are important in your life. If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t aware of how much you could actually save each month-until you visit our state-of-the-art Energy Hub.

Through our unique 42 Energy Street Evaluation System, you can see how the latest energy saving solutions really work and how easily you can use them in your own home without sacrificing on comfort or cost—and best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Because we only recommend the right system for your situation, along with our 5-year installation warranty, it’s no wonder more Tasmanian’s are choosing 42 Energy St when they want to reduce their electricity bills quickly and easily.

At 42 Energy Street, we’re Streets Ahead in Energy Saving Solutions!
See real-time energy-saving demonstrations at our state-of-the-art Energy Hub
Quickly understand what system you need for your current and future energy needs
Finally take back control of your energy bill and have ‘extra’ money each month
Simple payment plans and even Zero-Deposit Financing is available, so you can start today

Applicable government incentives available

Easily reduce your carbon footprint and help Australia’s environment
Perfect If:
You’re looking to reduce your ongoing monthly expenses
You already have a solar system but want a high-tech monitoring system or battery
You’re a business with large day-time power usage
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Easily Start Saving On Your Energy Costs Today
Find the latest range of energy efficient solution and see exactly how they can help you at Tassie’s first Energy Hub! See the range below for more info or come and see how they all work by visiting today.
Solar Systems

For both domestic and commercial needs size no limitation. See the full range available and quickly get the system you need.
42 Energy Street are proud resellers of the Australian Made Tindo Solar Panel range  – Supporting Australian Manufacturing and Jobs


A massive selection of lithium batteries and the latest future Supercapacitor technology conveniently available all in one place.

Solar Carports & Carparks

Don’t let this space go to waste! You’d be amazed at what our solar solutions can do for your carport or carpark. Including Delta EV charging station – residential or super­ fast charging commercial options available

Solar Bollards & Lighting
With no wiring required, it’s simple to create stunning lighting in your garden, along pathways, in parks, or even for street lighting. Custom-designed lighting up to 75,000 lumens—perfect even for stadiums!
Mitsubishi electric stockists
Advanced tech from Mitsubishi Electric provides 5x more efficient heating than normal and it’s whisper quiet too. See our full range of Mitsubishi Electric split- and multi-split systems right here.

EVO270 Heat Pump Hot Water

Reduce your hot water bills up to 75% with the smart Evoheat 270 compared to traditional methods either electric or gas. The EVO270 has been awarded the 2019 hot water Product Review Award, after being recognised by Australian consumers for its advanced energy efficiencies and smart features

A massive selection of insulation for ceilings, external walls, cavity walls, acoustic solutions, wall wraps, and roof sarking.
thermal imaging
Quickly discover where you’re losing energy and how to fix these ‘leaks’ with our thermal imaging range. See them in action at the Energy Hub.
led lighting
For both domestic and commercial lighting applications, we’ve got an extensive range of the most energy efficient lighting options for you to choose from.

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Confused? We Make It Easy
-Here’s How:

Starting out?

If you’re wondering where to start, what system is best for you, or even if solar would work for your home, take a deep breath because we can help.

We’ve been helping Tasmanians just like you over the past 39 years figure out how to properly reduce their energy bills, make the most out of an existing system, or fix systems that were improperly sized.

It’s why we created Tasmania’s first and leading Energy Hub, to help you touch, see, and feel the difference our energy saving solutions could have for your home. Most importantly, we make it easy.

Through our unique 42 Energy Street Evaluation System, you’ll quickly find out how much you could save each month, plus learn what system would be right for you based on your current energy usage and what you think you’ll need in the future. All you need to bring are some past electricity bills and you’ll have an answer in minutes!

And better yet, included with your custom 42 Energy Street Evaluation System plan we’ll even show you how the panels could look on your roof-for free!

Ready to install?
Our local team of certified Clean Energy Council installers will have your system set up and ready to go—and you’ll gain peace of mind with our 42 Energy St 5-Year Installation Guarantee. Simply contact us today on 1300 042 000 and we’ll organize a date for your new installation.


Or, simply stop by the Energy Hub to get a real demonstration of how this energy-saving technology could work for you. With over 39 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve seen the fads come and go and can give you some honest advice perfect for our Tasmanian climate.

Showroom: Cnr Elwick Rd and Brooker Hwy, Glenorchy